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5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child Arabic
October 27, 2022

Teaching Arabic is a common topic in families where one or both parents speak Arabic and want their children to learn their mother tongue. Although, it’s no secret that Arabic is one of the most complex and challenging languages in the world, it is also one of the richest. Thankfully, just like any other language, there are tips and tricks to teach Arabic effectively to any child.

Read on to find 5 simple and practical ways to teach your children Arabic.


Chatting with your Child in Arabic

Kick off your child’s learning journey by making Arabic part of their everyday life. It is scientifically proven that speaking and practicing a language moves it to the “muscle memory.” Children can recall without conscious effort and begin speaking with basic fluency. The more your child gets accustomed to hearing the language spoken, the higher the probability of them engaging with other people and speaking Arabic themselves.

Listening to Arabic Songs

Songs and music are catchy and easier to learn. Just imagine the number of Arabic words your child will use while singing an Arabic song. Not to mention that there’s a wide range of  Arabic songs specially created to teach children about  specific subjects and topics.

Watching Videos in Arabic

When your child is watching Arabic educational videos, they’ll be absorbing the content and  learning without feeling that they are “studying”. Your child’s brain will quickly acquire the knowledge without facing any resistance as they’re enjoying themselves as they learn. Even if your child can’t understand everything they’re hearing in these Arabic animated shows, they’ll repeat phrases that stick in their head until they know them by heart. Explaining to them what a particular phrase or word means, will help their comprehension.

Using Apps for Teaching

Thanks to technology there are new language learning Apps specially designed for children. They use innovative and modern teaching techniques along with educational tools to keep children interested. When these are combined with interactive and diverse content such as engaging videos, songs, digital books, stories and games, it is easy to teach and entertain our children.

Educational Games and Classes

You know how exciting games keep users chained to their screen for hours. So why not use educational games to teach Arabic vocabulary and grammar? Children are playing and having fun and often don’t realise that they are learning at the same time.

Recommended by Parents and Teachers

One of the apps getting the love and trust of numerous parents around the world struggling to teach Arabic to their children is arabee .The content is created by teachers and experts in curriculum design and based on a child’s preferences. It has a wide range of games built by pedagogical experts and experienced Arabic educators, providing an enticing range of fun, educational games for your child. These games encourage children to speak Arabic while teaching them grammar and syntax. arabee is unique as it explores the 3 major pedagogical aspects of a language: the structural, functional, and interactive. With arabee’s diversified progressive learning methods, your child practices listening, speaking, reading, and writing Arabic with ease.

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