Arabic Learning

Go from zero to hero in Arabic! Start your fun Arabic learning journey the right way! 

Beginning with communicating and understanding basic words and phrases, then progressing through the Arabic alphabet and applying the 4 skills:  

  • NListening
  • NWriting
  • NSpeaking
  • NReading
arabic learning for kids
arabic learning for kids
digital books

More LEarning!
More Fun!

We’ve made learning more playful and enjoyable, for your kids to learn Arabic from zero through our wide range of activities. Games, videos, songs, worksheets, digital books and many more interactive activities to keep your child focused and motivated during their Arabic lessons.

The Best way to Learn Arabic is here

arabic learning for kids

arabee brings to your children a full curriculum, a structured programme loaded with engaging content to guide and keep them motivated to learn Arabic online:

  • NProgressive programme
  • NIndependent learning
  • NRewards and leaderboards
  • NInteractive content
  • NVariety of activities
  • NInteractive content
  • NVariety of activities
arabic learning for kids
arabic learning for kids


Tips For Parents

arabic learning for kids
Supporting your children’s journey as they move forward in their Arabic language learning course has never been this easy thanks to arabee!
Our advice for you is to:
  • NEncourage your children to practice Arabic online at least once a day
  • NCheck progress reports to get a better understanding on your children’s performance
  • NEngage with your children as they learn

Meet the faces
behind Our voices

Behind each character stands a little child who’s excited
to teach other kids the Arabic language.

Hear it

arabic learning for kids

Why Do Parents Love it?

arabee app for children
Alexia Hilton, a mother of two girls shared her experience with arabee Learning.
Alexia loves using arabee for her children as it keeps them busy for at least 45mins in a row and kids are enjoying their time, singing and repeating words in Arabic.
Hear how Alexia is helping her kids learn Arabic.

Why will your kids love it?

arabee app for schools

Ivy Hilton, aged 7 years old sharing her love for arabee Learning.
Learning Arabic for beginners has never been this easy!

arabee app for schools
tarek H.


All in all, arabee is a well-made curriculum. It matches the requirements for the framework, takes the planning time and effort away from the teachers as all the resources are there, but allows for the teacher to be creative with the resources if they want to be. I love it and so do my children!!

tarek H.


My children really enjoy arabee, always laughing and singing along. They get really engaged and always look forward to our arabee mornings.

tarek H.

IVY, Age 7

I like arabee because it’s a fun way of learning and helps me remember more Arabic.




arabee is an award-winning educational App that teaches kids to speak, read, write and understand the Arabic language with ease