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How Songs and Music Can Help Children When Learning a New Language
September 27, 2022
Music is a universal language. 

Due to its widespread appeal and numerous educational benefits, music is a fantastic instrument to employ when teaching a new language. Most importantly, volume, pauses, rhythm, tone and pitch are fundamental components that both music and language share. This blog article explores how language teachers can use music and songs to engage students and enhance their language proficiency in the classroom.


Why teachers should use songs and music to motivate children to learn a language?

  • Builds vocabulary and increases listening skills

When children listen to a song in their target language, they inevitably learn new words and phrases. They may also come across terms and expressions that are used in unusual or unexpected contexts. Every song tells a story about what, when, how and to whom it is happening. Music in their target language helps children’s brains become more familiar with the language’s sound and tone while also improving their concentration and listening skills.

  • Engaging Learning tools

Because teachers frequently struggle to make their lessons relevant and real, using music and songs can be a great way to captivate and amuse children. Lyrics contain language that native speakers actually use on a daily basis, unlike the repetitive and restrictive text that is typically used in language textbooks.

Technology is a powerful enabler to support learning. Children can use tablets, phones or computers to access songs anytime, anywhere.

  • Pronunciation refinement

When we sing in a foreign language, we try to imitate the timbre and inflection of what we hear, and our accents are less noticeable than when we speak. By watching music videos and songs, children can learn the sounds they need to form to pronounce each word correctly.


How we can integrate music in teaching methods.

  1. Play the song.
  2. Explain the lyrics.
  3. Focus on vocabulary and grammar
  4. Emphasize key words, idioms, and phrases
  5. Sing the song
  6. Act out the song – finish on a creative high!


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